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July 31, 2011
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The day starts with Zim walking to skool and its Halloween.

Dib's P.O.V
Today is Halloween and it seems Zim isn't a fan of it because 3 years ago we had a bit of a spooky day with all that spooky creatures coming out of my head and Zim was in it too because i dragged him in with me. I gave up my life, i gave up everything, i stopped being a paranoraml investigator...My emotions changed but now its all good. I'm off to the halloween dance at skool and I seem to be dressed as a scientist.

Zim's P.O.V.
Ugh, today's that dumb human holiday. Everyone is dressed up, even the Almighty ZIM! I walked and I bumped into The Dib."Watch where your going...Zim? Why are you wearing a girl coustume?"Dib-thing asked."Isn't it the filthy Human Holiday to dress up Dib-Stink?" I asked him.

Dib: Zim it is Halloween but at least dress in a male costume, people are going to make fun of you *rolls eyes*

Zim: Nuh Uh stoopid humyan!*Zim turned around his maid costume staying the same *Isn't that the whole part?!

Dib: ZIM! Why dont we just go down to the halloween shop and get you a better outfit? *looks away*

Zim: FINE you filthy human ~Later at the holloween shop~ Why not this one? *points to another girl outfit*

Dib: Umm, NO! Enough with the girl stuff! Hmm..? What about that one *points at a sexy devil costume for males*

Zim: Fine!! *changes into costume and walks out of changing room* There! *pouts*

Dib: *stares* *thinking OMG!!!* Umm..y-you should get it, it looks really good on you. *blushes*

Zim: Why is your face red? And fine i will get it! *pouts*

Dib: Umm..Because its hot in here and human skin turns red in the heat *thinking nice save* thats good you should get it *looks away* dont worry i'll pay for it.

Zim: *thinks: weird...* Eh, okay. Zim has none of this 'Earth Money' you speak of Dib-Thing.

Dib: Ok, now let's go to the halloween dance, I'm missing out on kicking the new mascot for this year.

Zim: Fine, but I don't know what kicking the mascot has to do with Halloween.

Dib: It's our skool tradition, who ever kicks the mascot first will get respect; for me i just do it for fun. *puts hands in pocket*

Zim: Eh, whatever.
                                          ~At Skool~
Dib's P.O.V
Ok, me and Zim are at skool and all of a sudden i was thinking about what happen back at the Halloween shop, Zim looks so hot in that costume but i feel i shouldn't look at him right now. That outfit is killing me...I should have dressed as an angel so we can be all matchy and stuff like for example an Angel + Devil, Heehee. UGH!! WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME!! STUPID EMOTIONS!! STUPID SEXY ZIM!

Zim: Dib-thing why is everyone dancing so close to each other? *confused*

Dib: Because it's a dance, couples usually dance together, it's what people do at a dance, they dance. *scratches head*

Zim: *thinking Couple mean 2 people, dib and zim are 2 people so they should dance* Dib-stink dance with me!

Dib: *blush* W-what!? Umm...zim you know we have to dance close to eachother.

Zim: *looks mad* I wan to look normal! *takes dibs hand and leads him to a corner* Now dance with me.

Dib: *sigh* Ok *grabs zims hand, takes him to the dance floor* Alright, let's do this zim *looks in zim's fake eyes*

Zim: *looks into Dib's eyes* *dances with Dib; Zim was a good dancer* Like this Dib-Stink? *smirks*

Dib: Y-yeah, your really good zim, you really are *still holding onto zim*
                        ~Romantic dance music starts~
Zim: *Looks around and sees people leaning on each other while dancing* *Zim does the same.*

Dib: *puts hands on zim's hips* Well...Let's dance *smiles*

Zim: *smiles and nods and puts his arms around dibs neck* So..*smiles*

Dib: How do you like holding onto me, Zim. *says teasingly and smiles*

Zim: *blushes lightly* Well's ni-ER you speak lies!!

Dib: *looks at Zim's face* Heh, why is your face turning greener than usual space-boy? *says teasingly again*

Zim: *turns a darker shade* Well...Oh, Dib-Stink! I've researched what humans usually do after These so called 'Dances', what does It mean?

Dib: If you mean what couples do after the dance is over then let's just say they go into hotels since it's senior year,  or they go to an after party but you get the picture *rubs Zim's face with one hand*

Zim: What do they do at these hotels? *confused*

Dib: Well ugh...*blushes* they just do what other couples do...Umm...They just have *looks away* sex..*blushes more darker*

Zim: Oh, have you ever had this...*blushes* sex done to you? *looks curious*

Dib: Umm...No not really, I think i would want to stay a virgin til marrage. It seems right for me to stay like this *looks down sad*

Zim: *looks away and sees people are leaving and kissing goodbye* Dib, sorry *zim kisses dib and pulls away blushing madly*

Dib: *blushes deeply and sighs* *goes to zim* Zim i need to tell you something... *sigh*

Zim: Mhm? And what would that be, Dib-Stink?

Dib: Are you mad at me? *looks sad*

Zim: No, why would Zim have a reason to be mad at the Dib?

Dib: Well, you looked mad after you *blushes* kissed me.

Zim: Oh, well would you be mad if I did it again? *grabs dib's face and kisses his lips*

Dib: *blushes more* *closes eyes and kisses back* Mmmm...

Zim: *Smirks under the kiss and puts his hands on dibs hips*

Dib: *puts hands on Zim's face still kissing him*

Zim: *smiles under the kiss and sticks his tongue into Dib's mouth still kissing*

Dib: *sticks tongue inside zim's mouth too* *starts moaning*

Zim: *smirks and plays with dibbers tounge with his own* *moans lightly*

Dib: *stops kiss* Lets go to your place *smiles*

Zim: *smiles* Very well.
                              ~Later at Zim's house~
Dib: *sits on couch* so...*looks around* What now?

Zim: Hmm...I don't have a clue, Dib-stink.

Dib: *looks at Zim and smiles*

Zim: What?

Dib: You look really sexy in that devil costume

Zim: Oh, well...Thank you, you like like a Scientist. *smiles*

Dib: *looks down smiling* Yeah, i do.

Zim: *cocks head* What's wrong Dib-Stink?

Dib: *blushes* N-nothing, umm..Zim?

Zim: What Dib-smell?

Dib gets closer to Zim and starts to kiss him, Zim enjoys it and kisses back. Dib starts to rub Zim's back still kissing him. Zim starts to blush even more deep and moans under the kiss. " Dib, i love you alot", Zim said softly under the kiss. "I love you too, Zim", Dib said softly too. They began to date and life became good for the both "Dib and Zim".
                                    ~THE END~
The story me and :iconinvader-star: are doing and well its about Halloween and Dib and Zim go together and things get romantic but I only did a one-pager because i feel to lazy to do more Im sorry but i hope you guys enjoy, this is my first story ever and i dont want it to be bad:)

:iconzim-dib: made a pic inspired by the 1-shot-->[link]

Devil costume for Zim (c) me of course
A ZADR Halloween (c) me and :iconinvader-star:
Invader Zim characters (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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