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fanfiction by ZADZAP


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December 19, 2012
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                               ~Parental Unit pt. 4~

                                4 years later..

          Well by the 4 years raising Zap, he'd had grown a bit, he was still really small. Zap looked like a baby still, only that he can walk and talk and everything. I just wish I had a little more time with the smeet but sadly... I'm more sick than ever. The disease has finally taken over my body. I can already feel myself dying off slowly. I'm more worried about telling Zap the news about me dying. A baby shouldn't deal with this stress but I guess it has to happen.

Meanwhile I'm laying on the couch with a blanket warming me up while Zap is watching t.v and sitting on the floor, laughing at the cartoons on the television of a cat chasing a mouse. Hmph, I will never understand these human shows and their way of comedy.

Zap turned his body towards me and smiled. That smile... It only makes me feel worse... I really hate thinking about breaking my smeet's spirit.

"Mama..." Zap asked.

"Yes Zim-child." Zim answered.

Zap stood up and rushed towards me and hugged my arm.

"Mama... I love you." Zap purred and nuzzled my arm.

"Zim loves you too cutey." Zim smiled and kissed Zap's head.

Zim sighed and bit his lip. "Uh... Zap. Zim needs to talk to you." He said, already feeling uneasy about it.

Zap nodded and watched his mother struggle to get off the couch. Zim groaned and cracked his back. "Er... That's a pain." He mumbled to himself. Now walking to Zap's bedroom, Zim looked down at his baby who was holding his hand and had a smile on his perfect little face.

Zim entered the bedroom and picked Zap up and sat him down on the bed. Zim sat next to him and scratched the back of his neck. "Zap... Erm... This isn't easy for Zim to say but... Uh... Zim won't be well... and uh.. Zim won't be alive any more longer because of a fatal irken disease."

Zap's smile had wiped off his face, now only showing a frown and teary eyes. "NO! MAMA NO! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME! NO NO NO I LOVE YOU! NOOO! I DON'T WANT YOU TO LEAVE ME ALONE!" Zap sobbed violently and hugged Zim tightly, digging his claws in Zim's waist. "I-I... I don't... w-w-want you to go Momma!" Zap cried.

Zim started to cry a little and held his child close. "Zap, Zim needs you to be strong. You won't be alone either, you'll be sent to live with your father."

Zap wiped his tears and looked up at Zim. "I have a daddy?" He asked curiously, lowering his antennas in pure confusion.

Zim stroked Zap's hair back and nodded. "His name is Dib... Dib Membrane. His sister, aka your Auntie Gaz gave me Dib's new address, so that's where you'll live for now on, okay sweety. He'll take good care of you and watch you grow up. I've already packed up your bags. Once you see your father give him a note that I'll give you once you leave. There's 2 more notes in an envelope in your bag for your daddy, but give it to him in a month since he'll be comfortable with you already by then." Zim said.

"Momma... I don't want to go. I want you... I love you Momma." Zap whispered, hiding his face in his sleeves as he cried more. "Please, don't send me to a stranger, I'm scared."

"There is no reason to be afraid my sweet, you'll have your PAK. If anyone hurts you just use your PAK legs to destroy them." Zim chuckled innocently.

On the same day Zim had packed up more of Zap's stuff from his room. He shrunk the luggage filled with his son's stuff with a shrink ray. Zim stood behind Zap but on one knee and opened the child's PAK, placing the tiny luggage in there and the shrink ray.

"Zap, when you get to the house, you'll have your own room and once you do get your room you will need to take out the tiny luggage from your PAK and the shrink ray and unshrink the luggage. Also I should give you these..." Zim took out a suit case from behind his back and held it in front of Zap's back.

Zap turned around and looked at it curiously.

Zim smiled at him then opened the suit case, revealing contacts that are brown instead of purple like Zim's when he use to go to skool.

"These, my son. These are contacts. Those are for your eyes and to hide your alien eyes from humans. Also once your in public you need to hide your antennas in your hair... Zim will not want his smeet to be in a science lab." Zim said and helped Zap put the contacts on. "There you go... You look just like your father except you have green skin, no ears, no nose, 3 fingers, 2 toes... eh you get it... well I guess your ready baby, I'll call a cab." Zim said and hugged Zap close, crying silently and nuzzling into his smeet. "Zim loves you Zap so very much."

Zap sniffled. "I love you too mama."

Zim let go of Zap and held his hand, walking him to the living room. Zim set Zap on the couch and helped Zap in his black sweater and red mittens. "Zim has heard from the human weather channel that it will be cold so Zim does not want you to catch a cold." He said and kissed Zap's forehead. "There we go, nice and toasty... Oh and also Zim wants you to remember him by from this stuff toy I got you." Zim smiled and handed Zap a teddy bear almost as big as his son.

"Wow! Momma I love it! I love my teddy! I'll name him 'Z' which stands for Zim, and I'll love him forever." Zap said happily and hugged his new teddy bear. "Thank you momma."

Zim smiled and pet Zap's head. "No problem my smeet." He said then heard the taxi beep from outside the house. "Hm... Your ride is here." Zim sighed.

Zim walked Zap out of the house and to the car. Zim opened the car door and helped Zap in his seat, buckling the smeet's seat belt. "Alright... Remember sweety, Zim loves you and soon you'll be with daddy. You'll also have Z by your side, he'll keep you safe." Zim told his son then kissed his head. Zim gave the driver a paper that has the address to Dib's house and money to pay. "And make sure not to pick anyone up, I want only my son in this car." Zim said sternly to the driver as the driver nodded. Zim hugged Zap and smiled. "Love you." Zim whispered to Zap then closed the door to the car. He watched as the taxi slowly started to drive away, and after it drove away he sighed heavily. Zim frowned, walking back to the house.

"Good bye, Zap Membrane. Have a good future.."
Parental Unit part 4

Part 3: [link]
Part 5: [link]

Parental Unit is a story about Dib and Zim's 4 year old son 'Zap', who leaves his home aka Zim's house to go to the big city to find his daddy 'Dib'. Zim and Dib dated and of course had sexual intercourse with eachother. Later on in those months Zim bigger and was more cranky then usual. Zim and Dib got in an argument then Dib left Zim to start a new life in the big city, as Zim told Dib he was pregnant but Dib didn't believe him.. Zim later on in those 4 years took care of their smeet until he died from a rare irken disease. thus, leaving the smeet alone, but Zim did tell his smeet that Dib lives in the city and to go find him.. Sooo here starts the adventure of Zap

Parental Unit (c) Me of course
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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