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January 20, 2013
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                               ~Parental Unit pt. 5~

          Just to think. . . After I left Zim, I had headed off to the big city to start a new life and also took over my father's business as the new famous scientist, but I also left my old town just to forget about my old love life, Zim.

I don't even want to talk about that lying alien. All he ever did was bitch and moan about everything, every little thing is always a big problem, and I had to deal with him being such a jerk to me about that stupid small problem. I'm still really mad at him about how he lied to me about being 'pregnant' so that I can stay with him. Hmph, well I'm not stupid. That irken is an idiot and a liar, he is someone I would not want to spend the rest of my life with. I rather be spending my life at this wonderful mansion, great job as a rich scientist, and many fans. Yup, this is the life and nothing is going to top it.

As the next day had begun, Dib was already awake. He always had an early start of the day to get things in tip top shape. He was always so organized and kept his house sparkly clean. Dib got his lab coat on and fixed his hair up. He left the bathroom and entered the kitchen to get his breakfast ready which was toast and butter on top and a glass of orange juice to go with it.

Dib sat down on his fancy white couch in the living room across from the kitchen and opened up the newspaper. He smirked as he read the news about him saying, "Local scientist Dib Membrane has discovered toast! BUT WITH JAM! He has done it again, making the world a better place!" but of course Dib always thought it was kind of exaggerating when it came to toast.

"Well... toast is toast, nothing special." Dib shrugged, talking to himself once again; an old habit Dib always did as a child to right now as an adult.

Once the man with the scythe lock hair relaxed again on the couch a sudden knock came to the door making him jump in surprise.

"Huh? A visitor? At this time, that's strange."

Dib got up and dusted himself off. He walked towards the door and slowly reached for the knob, turning it and opening the door as he looked out, not seeing anyone. "What? DID SOMEBODY JUST DING DONG DITCHED ME! Kids these days.." Dib shouted out until he heard a little cough then looked down as he saw a little green boy with black hair that has a scythe lock, brown eyes, and holding a little teddy in his arms.

"Um... May I help you little boy? Are you lost or something?" Dib asked politely.

The little green boy looked up at Dib and had a little smile and blush. He looked very excited just to see this man. The boy aka Zap, Zim's baby, held his bear tighter and giggled innocently. Zap walked passed Dib's legs and entered the house as if it were his own home. Zap walked over to Dib's couch and climbed up on it and sat down, sitting the bear next to him.

Dib raised an eyebrow. He had a face that said 'Why did this kid just walk into a strangers home?' It was rather confusing for the older man. "Um... Come in?" He said awkwardly and closed the door, locking it afterwards. Dib walked over to the other couch in front of Zap and sat down on it, looking at the green boy while having an arm around the top of the couch. "So... Uh... Who are you exactly and why did you walk into my house randomly?" Dib asked.

Zap played with his fingers and looked up at Dib, his fake brown eyes looking into Dib's brown eyes. "I'm Zap." He said calmly with now a serious face.

"Zap, huh? Uh so why did you come here, aren't your parents worried sick about you?" Dib asked concerning.

Zap looked down and frowned. "My mama died..."

Dib rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "O-Oh... Uh... Wow, I-I... I'm sorry. Is there any relatives your now living with? What's their last names? Maybe I can track down family members with your last name." He said picking up the phone to dial the police station.

"... My last name?" Zap gazed at Dib. "It's Membrane. Zap Membrane."

Before Dib could have the chance to type the number he immediately dropped the phone in shock. "W-What? A-A Membrane? Um.. A-Are you perhaps related to a Gaz Membrane?" Dib asked shakily.

Zap nodded silently and felt the anxiety Dib started to feel. "Yes.."

Dib quickly felt his heart race. He felt himself panic on the inside. Was Gaz Zap's mother?? But how? How is this child green and resembles an alien? And that's what just occurred to Dib. "How's Gaz?"

"She is fine... She's at a wonderful place--"

"HEAVEN!??" Dib cut Zap off. "Oh uh s-sorry... I didn't mean to interrupt." He said calmly.

'Gaz... I can't believe it. S-She's dead.'

"H-Hey Zap, so about your mother... How did she die?" Dib asked, feeling his body shake.

Zap had teary eyes and gritted his teeth. "Why... Why do you ask so much!" He cried out. "MAMA DIED BECAUSE HE WAS SICK! YOU WERE NOT THERE FOR US!"

Dib gasped loudly from the kid's outburst. "W-What are you talking about? What do you mean he? Gaz is a girl, your mother!" Dib corrected.

"NO! Auntie Gaz is my aunt!" Zap cried, he hiccuped and wiped his tears with his arm.

Dib was more then confused. He didn't know what right words to choose.

"Why... Why d-did you leave us!? Your a meany! Mama loves you a lot, and he cries for every night!" Zap shouted out. His face flushed with anger.

Things have gotten stranger. What did this kid meant by his mom loving Dib? It was literally something he never known would ever happen to him. But... who is the mom?

"Zap, please stop crying and tell me... Who. Is. Your. Mom?" Dib asked him.

Zap held his bear's hand and hiccuped, looking at Dib with his tear stained face. "My mama's name is... Zim."

That name! It can't be!! Zim? Zim has a child??

Dib, in shock, felt his face go pale at the name of his old ex boyfriend.

Parental Unit part 5

Part 4: [link]
Part 6: [link]

Parental Unit is a story about Dib and Zim's 4 year old son 'Zap', who leaves his home aka Zim's house to go to the big city to find his daddy 'Dib'. Zim and Dib dated and of course had sexual intercourse with eachother. Later on in those months Zim bigger and was more cranky then usual. Zim and Dib got in an argument then Dib left Zim to start a new life in the big city, as Zim told Dib he was pregnant but Dib didn't believe him.. Zim later on in those 4 years took care of their smeet until he died from a rare irken disease. thus, leaving the smeet alone, but Zim did tell his smeet that Dib lives in the city and to go find him.. Sooo here starts the adventure of Zap

Parental Unit (c) Me of course
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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