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November 29, 2011
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(Contains: sexual themes, violence/gore and strong language)

                             ~ZaDr- So much change pt. 5~

                            Chapter 5: A Dark moment
(WARNING): strong language and violence, if you can't handle it then leave. If no likey then no read!!!

       It had been 3 hours Dib had slept, he had finally woken up, feeling a bit of a small hangover. " I?" He asked, rubbing his forehead; feeling very weak.

As for Zim, since the 3 hours, Zim had fallen asleep next to Dib, curled up on the edge of the bed near where Dib slept. His legs, hanging over the edge, unable to move from that spot. Zim was about to fall off if anything moved him, or if he made any sudden movement.

"Zim?" Dib turned his head to see a sleeping Zim. "Oh god, what happened to me?" Dib asked again to himself as he hid his face in his knees.

Zim's antenna twitched from Dib's voice, making his eyebrows twitch with curiosity. "Mm... D-Dib?" Zim leaned his head over, looking at Dib with half lidded eyes. "You wake?" He rubbed his eye tiredly.

"Yeah", Dib said as he sat up, continuing to rub his forehead.

"Mmm..." Zim pulled up his torso onto the bed more. He huffed, once it came to his legs.

"Dib... Can you help with my legs? U-Unless you don't want me on your bed at all..." Zim asked shyly and quite tired.

Dib smiled at Zim. "Sure, come up." Dib carried Zim to his bed as he started to feel dizzy from his drinking.

Zim got comfortable. "Thanks." Zim smiled at Dib, antennas perking up curiously. "How are you feeling, Mr. Drunky?" Zim teased, but said it kinda stern.

"Err... I got a bit of a hangover, and my head is killing me", Dib said as he laid back down on his bed.

"I knew you would... You looked horrible!" Zim frowned, stroking through Dib's hair. Some reason, he couldn't get over the feeling of it. Zim smiled happily. "And don't worry, we didn't have sex this time", He giggled, blushing a bit.

"Heh, I could tell... Neither me or you are naked, also my ass doesn't hurt", Dib chuckled.

Zim smiled and chuckled a bit too. "Dib... I asked you this last night, but you were still drunk, so I'll ask you when your sober. Will you please, never ever drink or smoke again like you did before? Promise me", Zim said, with adorable puppy dog eyes, as he whimpered for affect.

"Aww my gosh! That's so freakin cute!" Dib smiled widely, hugging Zim tight.

Zim giggled, finding Dib's weakness quickly. Zim whimpered some more, nuzzling under his chin like a cuddly kitten. His antennas rubbed against his cheeks and face gently as he looked up at him with puppy dog eyes, arms wrapped around him tightly as he continued to nuzzle him. "Do you promise me? Promise you won't do it again..." He purred like a kitten, curling into Dib's lap lovingly.

"The drinking I can promise, but the smoking will be very hard because I'm addicted to it", Dib sighed, petting Zim's head.

"Then I'll help you stop. When your stressed, just talk to me, k? I learned that humans feel better after talking to someone about their stress", Zim said, nuzzling into Dib's neck with a loving purr. "Mmm...and your warm", Zim smirked, wrapping his arms around Dib tightly, baring his face into Dib's shirt and neck. His antennas twitched and rubbed up against Dib's cheeks and chin gently. "Mmm~ Diiib", Zim purred louder as he began to get comfortable, eyes shutting with a wide smile on his face.

"Ok, fine. I'll try to stop", Dib said calmly.

"Mmmkay, but that doesn't mean I'ma gonna stop cuddling you..." Zim purred more. "Mmm, warmmthh..." He purred out, pulling up Dib's shirt and crawling under it to cuddle into his warmth.

"Aww, you look so adorable", Dib smiled rubbing Zim's back softly.

"Mmm... Nuu, y-you arree.." Zim said, still purring loudly. His antennas poked through the collar of Dib's shirt, rubbing up at his face and neck lightly. Zim liked that tickling feeling of it, and the feeling of Dib's skin against his antennas. "Mmm... D-Diibb..." Zim didn't know he was getting a little bit of pleasure from this feeling. Zim rubbed his head into Dib's chest, licking it lightly and gently.

"Z-Zim? Are you...? Umm... How do I say this... *cough* Horny?" Dib giggled a bit.

"Mmm... nuuu... whhy?" Zim was still in a daze as he cuddled closer, wrapping his arms around him. His antennas reaching a very warm and soft part of Dib's neck, tickling across it. "Hehehe, oooh Diib~!" He giggled, almost lustfully as he squirmed on his lap a bit.

Dib smirked, "Soo... You like being tickled, hu? Then that means... TICKLE FIGHT!", Dib announced, beginning to tickle Zim on his waist. "EEP!" Zim eeped as he squirmed and laughed hard. "A-Ah! D-Diiib s-stoooop pleease!" Zim giggled and squirmed under his shirt, manging to pull Dib's shirt off with his struggle to pull free. Dib smiled, continuing is tickling, not even noticing he was shirtless. Zim pushed Dib over, smiling down at him as he began to tickle Dib back for revenge. "Ahhh, hahaha, s-stop it, Heehehe", Dib laughed loudly, as he started to get teary from all that laughing. "NEVER!" Zim smiled. "Only if you kiss me", Zim teased, tickling Dib more, taking off Dib's boots and tickling his feet. "Ahhh, I'll n-never Hahaha s-s-hahah--Surrender!!" Dib laughed more, he pulled Zim's shirt off his body beginning to tickle his waist, his belly, and his under arms. Zim fell over on top of Dib, rolling over and curling up into Dib, but he couldn't move because of his legs and he was trapped in Dib's arms. "A-Ah! D-D-DII-DIIB!! Y-Y-your kill-ing hahahaha! Aaah!! Z-Zziiim! Heehehee, s-stop-p!" Zim laughed, rolling all over Dib's chest, trying to get away from him tickling him. "I shall win!" Dib gave Zim a smirk tickling his belly. "Y-Yo-Yoou wiin!" Zim laughed, panting from all the laughter. "St-Stooop!" He laughed and squirmed. "My work here is done", Dib smirked, feeling proud that he won. Zim pouted cutely up at Dib, still panting from the tickling. "Y-You stole t-that from Zim!" Zim flicked Dib's nose gently with his pointy finger. He smiled at him and nuzzled under his chin. "But, I don't long as you don't torture your Zim with those tickles." "Heh, ok I won't tickle you, ima bites you!" Dib smiled as he nibbled on Zim's neck gently. Zim eeped with surprised, then moaned shortly after. He didn't mean to moan out, it just pleasured Zim and turned him on so. "Mmm...D-Diib~" Zim purred and leaned his head back, wanting more. Dib was prettending to be a vampire sucking Zim's blood out, but instead...he was leaving a big, dark hickey on Zim's neck. Zim moaned more, blushing deeply. "Diib...?" Zim whimpered out eagerly as he wrapped his arms around Dib and pulled him close. "Diiiib, that feels...amazing~" Zim smirked happily. Dib looked up at Zim, smiling back. "Aww, look at that face!" He said pinching Zim's cheek. "I'll find something to cover that hicky", Dib said. Zim kinda frowned cutely, sticking his tongue out and licking his nose. "Y-You don't need to cover it...and, what are you covering?" He asked, confused of what a hickey was. "To cover the hicky," Dib said. "Hic-key?" Zim tilted his head, raising his antennas as they lightly brushed up against Dib's hairline, getting a shiver of pleasure down his spine again. "What is that?" Zim rubbed the slightly wet patch on his neck, feeling nothing but wetness and his own flesh. "Can't you just clean it off and it'll be gone?" He pondered, still not knowing what a hickey was or what it looked like. "Umm...This is what it looks like", Dib said, as he held a small mirror to Zim's face. Zim looked at it with wide eyes, rubbing over the purple bruise. "Eh? Is this a sign of hate for bruising Zim? was pleasurable...It felt wonderful and Zim simply wants more", Zim said, rubbing it gently, looking back up at Dib in wonderment. Dib looked at Zim wondering what he's thinking about. Zim raised an eyebrow. "Dib?" He asked, moving closer to lick Dib's cheek to snap him out of his gaze. Zim didn't understand why he was zoning out like that. "You okay, Diblet-cute?" Zim smirked weakly, and blushed shyly at that. Zim rubbed at Dib's neck, finding a hickey on him from when they had sex that one time. however, the hickey was fading. He stared at it for a long time with wide eyes, now zoning out himself. Leaning closer and closer to Dib's neck, wanting to suck on it and making that hickey look fresher. And, aren't hickeys passed on to one another? Once someone gives you one, you gotta do the same to the other. "H-Hickeys are like a sign of when a couple do it to eachother..." Dib blushed, when he said the word 'couple'. 'FUCK, HE'S HORNY!' Dib thought to himself looking down, blushing even more red just thinking about it. Zim pulled back, snapping out of his gaze and thought of giving Dib a hickey. "Eh?" Zim cocked his head. "What do you mean, Diblet? A sign of what? You didn't explain it well...and...a-are you saying w-were...m-mmmates?" Zim blushed, looking down shyly for bringing that up. "Un-unless I do to you, th-then w-were mates, r-right?" He stuttered nervously. His antennas laid against his head as he rubbed his bare arms, looking down at his bare chest only to glance up at Dib cutely once in a while shyly. "W-Well..umm..ahem, n-not really...I'm guessing w-were like close friends...r-really close", Dib blushed even darker as he can, feeling sweat come down his face. Zim blushed too. "Best friends?" Zim cocked his head questionably. "C-Can we still do the things we tickling, cuddling...and maybe even h-hickeys?" Zim asked. Dib chuckled a bit from how Zim said it. "Sure, best friend", he smiled, grabbing Zim's hand. Zim smiled widely, gripping Dib's hands tightly and nuzzling his face into the back of them with a lovingly, loud and happy purr. "You'll be a great best friend! If not", Zim pulled away, looking at Dib with narrowed eyes. "I'll leave you for Keef...Jelly Diblet?" Zim smiled and nuzzled his cheeks into Dib's hands lovingly. "Oh, so now your cheating on me with that fag-a-tron", Dib smirked, rubbing Zim's hand. "Naaah, Zim would never, just..." Zim kissed Dib's hand. "If you become a bad friend and break your promises. I'll leave ya and never talk to you again", Zim smirked, nuzzling into Dib's chest. "But, I love you too much...I just can't do that." "Mhmm, I think I got something for you", Dib jumped off his bed to go over to a black box in his closet. He grabbed the box as he got back on the bed handing it over to Zim. "I want you to have this, I was gonna give it to you before the whole sex thing happened with me and you...but now that we're friends again, I want you to have it again, for sure", Dib smiled hapilly at Zim. Zim smiled wide at it. "It's a box! Thank you Dib, this is the best present ever!" Zim said sarcastically before laughing and opening it. He looked inside the black box, at his new present. What was inside the box is a mood necklace with a heart on it broken in half. Most entirely it is a Best Friend Necklace on it but instead of Zim's necklace saying Best; it says 'Zim'. "I hope you like it", Dib said holding his own necklace out that also has the other half of a broken heart. Zim smiled widely at it, looking at Dib with loving eyes. He reached down, grabbing it and slipping it over his head. Zim held up his half of the heart and put it with Dib's half, making a full heart. "I love it Dib, I really do", Zim blushed sweetly, leaning into Dib to pull him into a tight hug. "I love you, Dib!" Dib giggled, feeling good about giving Zim the necklace, "I know you do, your my best friend, not keef or anyone elses", Dib smirked. Zim smiled up at Dib happily, stroking his cheek. "I'll never leave you or hurt you, ever again, Diblet", Zim purred, curling up on his lap again and snuggling under his chin with a loud happy purr. As Dib laid on the bed with Zim, he heard loud banging from the wall coming from Gaz's room. "What the hell was that?" Dib asked as he turned his head to the wall. "Uuhh..." Zim blushed, antennas lowering worriedly. "S-She should be fine..." "I think I should go check on her, Gaz might be attacked by a ghost or a robber", Dib said as he got off his bed. Zim looked up at him, knowing what Gaz was REALLY doing in there. He didn't want Dib to get mad again, but he didn't want to keep him away from the truth. Zim sighed, letting Dib go as he laid there on the bed, sad with his heart racing. In the meantime, as Zim sat on the bed he heard Dib scream, "AHHHHHHH OH MY HOLY FUCKING GOD! HOLY SHIT! OH MY GOD! AHHHH! WHAT THE SON OF A FUCKING BITCH!!", was all Zim heard right now. Zim sat up, whimpering worriedly. Zim took out his two metal legs and moved out of the bedroom slowly. "Dib?" He asked quietly as he looked at him with deep worry in his eyes. All that was happening in that room is Tak being cuffed to Gaz's bed with a blind fold and tape over her mouth and earmuffs so she wouldnt hear anything, and also an angry, homicidal Dib kicking the shit out of his naked bruised sister in the corner of the wall. Dib kept kicking, and kicking, and kicking, with every kick he did to her got even harder and rougher. "I'M TIRED OF YOUR BULL-SHIT! FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! I WISH YOU WERE NEVER BORN YOU SORRY SON OF A BITCH!!" Dib shouted in anger as he continued kicking her hard in the gut causing her to cough up blood. "DIB!" Zim shouted, pulling Dib with the tentacles off of his sister. "Dib! Don't do that!" Zim threw Dib to the ground, hissing at him rudely. He didn't mean to be so harsh to Dib, it just felt normal. Yes, he didn't care for humans nor Gaz or that slut creep bitch Tak. But this was too far. Dib-Dib of all people beating someone? HIS, loving caring DIB?! Zim had enough...this wasn't the Dib he knew. No, this was a monster. Zim began to tear up as he stood over Dib with his tentacle legs high over Dib's body. Zim tied Dib down with tentacles. "Diiib~" He hissed out with hate. All that love, leaving his twisted soul. "Who are you? You aren't Dib. You aren't the one I fell in love with. I thought you WANTED to save your OWN race?! WHO ARE YOU?!" Zim began to tear up, whipping away his tears that began to form. "The Dib I loved was, SWEET! Strong-willed to SAVE his planet and his PEOPLE! Not this abuser to his OWN flesh and BLOOD!" Zim tightened the grip around Dib's legs and arms. "I hate Tak with every INCH of me! I Hate that insane bitch. I don't CARE for Gaz either...but you-YOU acting like THIS?! You've changed TOO much for my liking, Dib-Shit!" Zim tore off his necklace and threw it on top of Dib. "And take your broken Heart along with it-oh wait, YOU DON'T HAVE ONE! You never loved me...not even liked me...It hurts, doesn't it DIB?! Well, words hurt more then action, because I could never hit you-only with the truth of words", Zim pulled out two metal legs, holding on to Dib's neck, and the other to Tak. He growled as he took off the tape, handcuffs and earmuffs. "Tak, Gaz, leave now before this FREAK kills you. This MANIAC!" Zim shouted at Dib's face. Zim leaned down to Dib, kissing him hard with hate-no love. He bit Dib's lip hard enough to make it bleed. "I'm leaving forever Dib. I was only living for you-But you aren't worth my time. Good-bye, my love....I regret ever loving you", Zim said with hate, as a tear of sadness fell down Zim's face onto Dib's. Zim pulled himself up, still holding Dib down to let the girls get away free and safe. "You know what Zim, maybe it's good if we just not be friends. I always and never will have anyone. It'll be like how it was when you weren't here. A worthless crackhead piece of shit with no point on living. You can stay but I'll be the one that will leave," Dib said with no emotion in his soulless eyes as he broke the tentacle from all his rage of 10 + the steroids he would take for protection his dad perscribed him. "I'm out, don't follow me this time." He said rudely going to his room packing everything up as quickly as he can. Zim groaned with annoyance, following Dib into his room, slamming the door open. "Why would I stay when I don't have you? The only reason WHY I'm here is because YOU! I love you- but this...THIS is WAY out of hand! You are just TOO DUMB and EMOTIONLESS to realize you aren't alone! You were not Aaaalways alone Dib." Zim went up to Dib, grabbing his face and forcing him to look at him. "I'M here! I'm here for YOU! Can you NOT see that?!" Zim held Dib's face with two hands. "You have this big, smart head but you are using it wrong!" Zim grabbed a bag of drugs on his bed table. "You don't NEED this to be happy, Dib. Why can't you see that? I LOVE YOU! And I REALLY don't want to lose you! I'm going to FIGHT to keep you ALIVE and HAPPY! Without these!" Zim threw the drugs down on the ground. "Dib please, let me help you." Zim quickly leaned into Dib, kissing him deeply, pulling him close, kissing him hard and passionately as he could so he couldn't pull away, plotting a plan that hatched in his head. Dib opened his eyes widely in surprise, sorta liking the kiss. Zim decided to have a little fun with this. He began to run his hands all over and around Dib's chest and sides, grabbing and rubbing his butt just to feel him up. He kissed deeper, tongue licking the human's lips and tongue hotly as he moaned. Zim pressed his whole body to Dib, kissing all over the jawline, neck and lips needingly. Zim even began to grind himself against Dib's crotch. 'Oh please don't beat me for this' Zim thought as he moaned. Dib pushed Zim away as he broke the kiss. "I'm sorry, but it's not gonna work out. I'm leaving for sure, i'm tired of hurting people I love and care about," Dib looked away as a he began to tear up, he grabbed his luggage and keys. "Good-bye Zim", he frowned as he walked out of the door way. Zim growled. 'Well, it was fun when it lasted, but-' "I'm sorry Dib, but you aren't leaving- Not while I'm still alive." Zim hit Dib in the head with a metal leg, hard enough to knock him out for a good time. Zim sighed, picking Dib up and carrying him in his arms. Even though he was tiny, he was still strong. Zim hooked Dib's things on a wire and began to head on home to his base. "I'm going to make you feel better Dib, because I love you." Zim kissed Dib one last time before shutting the front door behind him.
ZaDr- So much change part. 5

This is a fanfiction about Zim escaping from Irk because his Tallests called Zim to come because of a special mission but instead it was something else, Zim went back to Earth and this is when Zim and Dib meet each other again after 3 years, this time Zim noticed a total change in the whole town and also Dib...This story is also a RP. It's ZaDr so if you no like it i suggest you get the 'freak' out!! I don't give a danm if you don't like it

:iconlerainbowturtle: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link]
:iconthezadrfreak: made a pic inspired by the fic--->[link]
:iconzadrfreak912: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link] [link]
:iconmallylove60: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link] [link]
:iconzadzap: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link]
:iconinvadercye: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link]
:iconderangedspazz: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link]
:iconskittlesthenerd: made a pic inspired by the fic-->[link] [link]

Part 4: [link]
Part 6: [link]

Zim is played by :iconthezadrfreak:
Dib is played by :iconi-luv-emoboys:

Please give credit to :iconthezadrfreak: please. That person is the most awesome Zim ever played!

ZaDr- So much change (c) me of course
Invader Zim (c) Jhonen Vasquez
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